Name:  Romée van Benten   |    Birthdate:  May 25th 1994  |    Nationality:  Dutch

Name: Romée van Benten   |   Birthdate: May 25th 1994  |   Nationality: Dutch

Ever since I was little I've been drawing. Eventually I taught myself to draw digitally in 2010. My love for drawing expanded towards film and animation where I could bring my drawings to life. I applied for the Willem the Kooning Academy in 2012 to study animation and graduated September 2016.
In my animation I try to make the audience feel something, no matter what that is. This could be happiness, this could be sadness, this could be an experience. 
With my digital art I try to capture the mood and emotion of that situation or person with the use of colors. 

My passion lies in 2D character animation and digital art.